The species used

We use mainly oak, elm, ash and fir logs that are almost exclusively from Lorraine.

To meet our customers’ expectations we have other species available such as Field Maple, Walnut, Wild Cherry, Elm, Hornbeam, Pear/Apple, Larch and Douglas Firs.

Oak (Quercus gen., fagaceae fam.))

It is a tall forest tree with petal-less flowers and lobed leaves. It is sought for its hard strong wood. The saw mill follows the French Technical Centre for Wood and Furniture (CTBA) classification (QBA, QB1, QFA, QF1, etc....) to determine the quality of its wood. This wood can be used for interiors as well as for exteriors.

Elm (Fagus type des fagales et des fagacées)

It is a tall cupulifère tree with a smooth bark, a straight trunk, and white, hard, brittle wood from temperate humid zones. Species used mainly for the interior.

Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior, Fam: oleaceaes)

It is a tall tree that is easily identified by its grey-green bark, large black buds and compound leaves and whose white, hard wood is used notably for the fabrication of tool handles or the interior of houses.

Wild Cherry (Prunus Padus, Fam: rosaceaes)

It is a wild tree that bears bunches of flowers and has a firm, clear wood that is capable of giving a beautiful polish and is sought after by cabinet makers (Use: furniture).

Other species

The Scierie du Rupt de Mad also works with species such as American Ash, American oak, hornbeam, poplar, walnut, pine, fruit trees (pear, etc…), maple, alder, acacia, chequer tree, service tree, etc… available in smaller quantities than our main species according to the deliveries and according to our customer demands.

Custom Sawing

We offer custom sawing and drying carried out with the same conscientiousness and professionalism as for our products.

Custom Sawing